COMPARE COVID-19 Facility Access

The COMPARE Advanced Imaging Facility is fully open and ready to support all your imaging requirements. We provide comprehensive support throughout your project from inception to publication.

Following COVID-19 secure guidelines all training and support are now available remotely. Fully-assisted imaging options are available at no additional cost.

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COMPARE Imaging Team

Dr Jeremy Pike

Image Analyst

Jeremy Pike

Dr Joao Correia

Microscopy Officer

Joao Correia

Dr Amanda Dalby

Microscopy Officer

Amanda Dalby-small

COMPARE Technology

From cleared whole organ imaging to super-resolution imaging of cellular organisation, the COMPARE microscopy facility offers access to state of the art commercial and custom-made microscopy systems.

We provide support through comprehensive consultations, sample preparation advice, microscopy training, image acquisition, image processing, image analysis, preparation of data for publication and grant applications - elevating research projects to the next level.

The facility has expertise in generating high quality quantitative data using techniques such as FRET, TIRFM, STORM, PALM, SPT, FCS, SIM, Photometry, image processing and custom image analysis.

Super-resolution Microscopy

  • NIKON N-SIM S with dual cameras 

    Super-resolution imaging of living and fixed samples.

  • NIKON N-STORM & ONI Nanoimager

    Reveal molecular organisation in single cells.

3D image of microtubules coloured by Z depth

3D image of microtubules coloured by Z depth. Dirk Herten, ICVS.

TIRF/Single particle tracking

  • QUAD TIRF, SIM H-TIRF & ONI Nanoimager 

Single particle tracking (SPT) of up to four different fluorescent molecules in living cells.

Tracking of receptor diffusion at the cell membrane

Tracking of receptor diffusion at the cell membrane. Davide Calebiro, IMSR.

Cellular or subcelluar light-sheet microscopy

  • Lattice light-sheet

Visualise dynamic processes inside cells in unprecedented temporal resolution.

  • Marianas diSPIM

Long time lapse imaging of living samples, isotropic imaging of spheroids & organoids.

3D image of cytoskeletal proteins and nuclei

3D image of cytoskeletal proteins and nuclei. Deirdre Kavanagh, COMPARE Imaging.

Large volume light-sheet microscopy

  • Ultramicroscope ll

    Image in 3D large cleared samples such as whole mouse organs and tissue samples.

Cleared mouse embryo showing developing organs

Cleared mouse embryo showing developing organs and vasculature. Werther Vecchiato, ICVS.

Molecular interactions and dynamics

  • FRET Microscopy

Perform intensity based FRET and calcium imaging in living cells with sub-millisecond temporal resolution.

  • Fluorescent Fluctuation Spectroscopy

Fluorescence spectroscopy of molecular dynamics, concentrations and interactions.

 Auto and cross-correlation curves reveal protein diffusion and interactions rates

Auto and cross-correlation curves reveal protein diffusion and interactions rates. Deirdre Kavanagh, COMPARE Imaging.

Analysis Infrastructure

  • Virtual machines
  • 8 Analysis Workstations
  • Open source expertise
  • High memory GPU compute node
  • Arivis Vision 4D software
  • Huygens Deconvolution software

Topological data analysis of single molecular data

Topological data analysis of single molecule data. Jeremy Pike,COMPARE Imaging.



Dr Deirdre Kavanagh

COMPARE Microscopy Officer (March 2017 - May 2021)
Now moved to the University of Oxford as a Facility Manager of MICRON

Deidre Kavanagh