International Alumni

More than 32,000 alumni reside in all corners of the globe who we’ve trained in the fields of medicine, biomedical sciences, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. 

Birmingham has been the place which has launched many a successful career.  Here are just some of what our recent international alumni have to say about their experience with us:


Opeyemi Odedere (Masters of Public Health, 2009) 
Maternal and Newborn Health Advisor, Save the Children International  

"What the University added to me cannot be over emphasised. After my programme, I became more confident about my capabilities and this has helped me and is still helping me in all my endeavours.”

Opeyemi Odedere - Masters of Public Health alumnus 2009

Menaka Raghuraman (MBChB, 2013)
Year 1 Doctor

"Birmingham is a vibrant city in the heart of England and has given me the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world and gain a rather eclectic taste of British culture."

Menaka Raghuraman - MBChB alumnus 2013

Mohammed Quraishi (MBChB, 2013)
Year 1 Doctor, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

"The early exposure to clinical medicine during the pre-clinical years is quite uncommon amongst Medicine courses and this was an important priority for me."

Mohammed Quraishi

Raveen Koghar (MBChB, 2013) 
Year 1 Doctor, Russells Hall Hospital 

“The campus is vast, green, and beautiful and so conveniently located near the city centre which offers many options in terms of dining and entertainment."

Raveen Koghar - MBChB alumnus 2013

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