Welcome to Postdoctoral/Early Researcher Career Development and Training (PERCAT) here in Birmingham

We are committed to producing world-class, highly skilled researchers within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. We are fortunate to have both academic and researcher led committees to help you develop as a successful researcher and become a leader in your field. We are also keen that you are able to look beyond the confines of your own bench or computer and be aware of, and get involved in, the wider activities of your Institute, College and the larger world.

Forthcoming initiatives include a programme of Masterclasses, scientific writing workshops, training sessions and mentoring events.

We hope you find this website useful, informative and beneficial. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for improvements. This is an information tool for you to use and therefore feedback is always welcome.

We aim to:

  • Foster a group identity among Postdocs and Early Career Researchers
  • Provide training, careers advice and awareness
  • Promote Postdoc/Early Career Researcher participation in decision making processes
  • Ensure quality Postdoctoral/Early Career Researcher participation