The Steering Group

How we work:

The steering group now seats a clinical and non-clinical academic representative of each school, meeting bimonthly to discuss and address any issues regarding equality of women within the college. School representatives work within their school steering groups to disseminate initiatives and guidelines to each school, ensuring the college works as a community to tackle gender imbalance.


  • Dr Una Martin: CEM Clinical Representative
    My approach to the life work balance has been to stay part time since having my first child 17 years ago. When the children were small I worked 5 sessions and these have gradually increased over the years but still allow me to pick up from school and play tennis on Friday mornings. To maintain this balance has meant becoming more flexible and recognising the need to work at home to stay on top of things at work. I have an excellent housekeeper who keeps me sane. When my children were younger my parents played a key role in supporting me through holidays or when I was away at conferences. Most of the time I feel I achieve the balance and it certainly has become easier as the children have grown up. 
  • Prof John Marriott: CEM Non-Clinical Representative 
  • Dr Alice Turner (nee Wood): Junior Representative
  • Prof Lorraine Harper: I&I Clinical Representative 
  • Dr Victoria Heath: I&I Non-Clinical Representative 
  • Dr Zania Stamataki: Junior Representative
  • Prof Deborah White: Dentistry Clinical Representative
    I am a clinical member of staff and work full time at the School of Dentistry as Director of Education, Head of Student Welfare and Head of Dental Public Health. My research area centres on dental epidemiology and health services research. I also carry out a weekly clinical session at a Community clinic in Sparkbrook. On a personal note I am married and have a grown up family, which makes things easier than when the children were small but I must admit that managing the balance between home and work is a difficult one and that work takes up a large proportion of my life! At home I have a weekly cleaner and help with the ironing and this helps me manage the load of running a household. I try to maximise the work I get done from Monday to Friday by arriving at work before 8am and I leave about 6.30pm. Although these are long days, I find this allows me to spend time in the evenings doing other things. Weekends are precious, but I often have to spend some time working, especially for marking coursework and examination scripts. When I am at home and on holiday I do check my emails so that I can keep abreast of what is happening at work, but I am quite disciplined and allocate a particular time of day to do this. I don’t think I have got the balance right and I have taken very few holidays over the past few years, certainly not all the leave that I am entitled to. Despite all this, I thoroughly enjoy my job and certainly never have time to be bored!
  • Dr Melissa Grant: Dentistry Non-Clinical Representative
    In maintaining my work –life balance I try hard to take time to switch off from work – for me physical exercise helps enormously and my cycle commute from the Hospital or University is a great way to do that, cycling along the cycle routes and through the parks let’s me see a bit of nature and work out some of those niggles that accumulate during the day. Incorporating it into my daily routine also means that I don’t have to take out extra time from being with my family and I can, at least, think I am keeping fit. 
  • Dr Derek Ward: HAPS Clinical Representative 
  • Prof Christine MacArthur: HAPS Non Clinical Representative
  • Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard: HAPS
  • Dr Pamela Kearns: Cancer Sciences Clinical Representative
  • Prof Tatjana Stankovic: Cancer Sciences Non-Clinical Representative 
  • Dr Zumla Cader: Junior Representative Cancer Sciences
  • Mrs Kate Crane: POD
    I am a Senior Organisational Development Consultant in the People and Organisational Development Department. My specific responsibilities are for:- leadership and management development in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, the delivery of a wide range of training courses in the leadership arena, facilitating workshops, coaching, mentoring and senior management development. I am actively involved in many projects including the Senior Leadership Programme, Postdoctoral Training and Career Development initiative, Women in Academic Medicine and Science and Athena SWAN. My previous roles have been mainly in the private sector, with the 8 years before joining the University spent working at Warwickshire Police as Force Training and Development Manager. I joined the University of Birmingham in Sept 2008 and is married with one son.
  • Ms Niamh Kelly: HR
  • Mrs Jane Norton: CEM Teaching Administrator
  • Dr Sapna Patel: POD 
  • Ms Susan Squire  
  • Mrs Olga Tucker