Admissions Guidance for Presessional Students

We know you will be working hard and looking forward to completing your presessional English programme.

Whether you will progress onto a Foundation Pathway, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or PhD, you need to ensure you meet all the conditions of your offer before you complete your presessional programme.

We have put together some guidance based on commonly asked questions to help you through this process:

Offer Letters

The conditions of your offer can be found on your offer letter:

  • Postgraduate study - you can view your offer letter through your applicant portal
  • Undergraduate study – your offer letter was sent to you by email (Foundation Pathways) or post (UCAS application)

Meeting your offer conditions

Academic documents

If your offer letter asks you to provide evidence of obtaining your qualifications, you must send this evidence to us in an acceptable form. Details of the different ways you can do this can be found on the verification webpage.

Please note that we cannot accept scanned copies of academic documents sent by email from an applicant.

If the condition of your offer asks for evidence of a particular final grade (e.g. GPA 3.5, 80 overall or 2.1 classification), we require a document which confirms this overall grade, or an equivalent plus a conversion table provided by your awarding institution, e.g. “GPA 3.5-3.8 = 80-85%”

If you have applied through one of our international agents and verified documents to meet the conditions of your offer have been uploaded to your applicant portal, you do not need to provide these documents again.

If your offer letter asks for a document which you must request from your awarding institution, please ensure that you request this as early as possible to avoid delays, as some institution offices may close over the summer.


Postgraduate applicants can upload a scanned copy of their passport personal details page to the applicant portal; you do not need to submit your passport or a verified copy to Admissions.

Guidance on how to upload additional documents to your applicant portal can be found here.

For undergraduate applicants, please send a scanned copy to


If your offer letter asks for additional references, you can provide these in the following ways:

1)      If you have a copy of your reference which is on letter-headed paper from your institution and is signed by your referee, you can upload a scanned copy to your applicant portal *postgraduate students only*

2)      If you would like your referee to email your reference directly to us, please ask them to send it from their institution email account to

Translated documents

Please note; all non-English Language documents must be accompanied by an official certified translation.

We cannot accept documents translated by the applicant or your international agency (unless they are also certified translators).

Documents submitted to the International Student Advisory Service (ISAS)

During the first few weeks of your presessional English programme, you will attend a meeting with the International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) to submit the documents which you intend to use to extend your student visa.

If these documents are also required to meet the conditions of your offer, the Admissions team will liaise with ISAS to verify these documents; you will not need to submit these documents separately to the Admissions Office.

After your meeting with ISAS, the Admissions Office will contact you by email to request additional documents if we need these to meet the conditions of your offer.

Please note - this email will be individual to you; information in emails sent to your class-mates may not be the same and you do not need to submit a document if it is not required in your offer letter or the email from Admissions.

Admissions Reception

You can submit any additional documents required by Admissions to our Admissions Reception.

During busy times (July – September), long queues can develop at Admissions Reception. Please only visit Admissions Reception to submit documents which cannot be submitted online, and check that these have not already been submitted by your agency (if applicable).

Please note; documents submitted to Admissions Reception must be either the original documents (and official, certified translations where applicable) or certified copies.

A verified/certified copy of a document is a photocopy of the original document has been taken and then subsequently stamped with a verification stamp by a recognised body.  Examples of a recognised body are – the organisation, school, college or university who awarded the qualification, the department of education from your country or a legal representative (lawyer, solicitor, or judge).

Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS)

The Admissions Office will issue you a CAS to allow you to apply to extend your visa when you complete your presessional programme if all other conditions of your offer are met.

We cannot issue a CAS until all offer conditions are met, so it is very important that you meet all of your other offer conditions by the time you finish your presessional programme.

Your CAS will be sent by email to the email address on your application.

Integrated CAS for 10 and 6 week presessional programme students

If you are studying on the 10 or 6 weeks presessional English programme and you have requested an Integrated CAS on your application form, please visit the Integrated CAS webpages for guidance on the conditions and document submission deadlines.

What will happen when you receive your presessional English programme results?

The Birmingham International Academy (BIA) will send your final presessional English programme results to the Admissions Office within a few days of their release.

If all conditions of your offer are met, we will send you a CAS within 5 days of receiving your results.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about your postgraduate offer, please submit these to the Admissions Contact Team through

For questions about undergraduate offers, please contact us at

For questions about Foundation Pathway offer, please contact us at

Please include your student ID number in any email you send to us.