Important Information for Suppliers

Please be aware that recently bogus University of Birmingham orders have been placed with suppliers for products to be delivered to addresses that are not situated on the University’s own campus. If you receive a request of this nature for products, please check it is a legitimate order. Enquiries can be made via the following email address

How can I tell if I have received a fraudulent order?

Here are the top points to note:

  1. Email address: make sure the order has a genuine University email address and does not contain hyphens or other associated minor alterations. Addresses such as are bogus. 
  2. Delivery location: the University of Birmingham is located at; Selly Oak, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, therefore, all main deliveries should be for this address. The University does have some delivery addresses in Stratford (the Shakespeare Institute) Coniston, Kings Norton, the Dental School  and Selly Oak Campus, however, you should check if outside the main campus.
  3. No private residences: there should be no requirement to deliver to private residences on behalf of the University (please note some locations identified above).

More information for Suppliers