Leadership Exchanged: The Podcast

Listen to the Leadership Exchanged Podcast, launching 24th November, as expert Professor Christopher Pietroni discusses with guests what kind of leadership is needed if you want to make real, lasting change. 

Could the world's biggest and most complex problems be solved if the right leadership approach was applied? Do we need to exchange current approaches to leadership for something new?

The podcast is available on channels such as SpotifyCastboxAnchor, and Apple Podcasts, as well as a video version on the University of Birmingham YouTube channel

The Birmingham Leadership Institute draws on the University of Birmingham’s specialist research centres, international research community and communities of practice to ensure that the most up to date thinking and the most skilled leadership development practice is made available.   

During the initial six-episode series, Professor Pietroni will welcome a new guest each episode, all leaders who are addressing intricate issues while disrupting and changing systems and ways of thinking to tackle important challenges in the world today.   

'Leadership Exchanged’ will cover a range of topics aligned to the values of Birmingham Leadership Institute, from conversations on organisational growth with Paul Richardson, founder of companies such as HERA that helped Gymshark grow to where it is today, to discussions on founding a charity alongside working as a model with Noella Coursaris, and explorations of leading local authorities' response to Covid-19 with Professor Carolyn Wilkins. 

Through discussion of these topics, host Professor Pietroni and guests aim to evaluate what kind of leadership is needed to make real, lasting change to the world.

Professor Carolyn Wilkins OBE

“There is that leadership moment where everyone is going someone should do something about that and then you realise that perhaps that someone is me”

Please join us either in person or online for the launch of the podcast at the joint inaugural lecture of Professor Carolyn Wilkins and Professor Christopher Pietroni. 

Christopher Pietroni

About the host

Professor Christopher Pietroni is a Professor of Leadership Practice at the University of Birmingham where he is Director of the Birmingham Leadership Institute. 

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