Biodiversity in your shopping bag

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Monday 29 October (09:00) - Friday 9 November 2018 (17:00)

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Across the globe, there is an ever-growing focus for individuals and businesses alike on becoming sustainable, environmentally-friendly and responsible. 

As shoppers become more and more eco-conscious with each generation, it’s important that the onus is placed on businesses to adapt their supply chains and practices.

This event will encourage primary school students to learn more about how businesses can use their power within the market to protect endangered animals, but also how irresponsible businesses put them at risk. It’s crucial that future generations, who may have the chance to shape environmental policies as they get older, are also aware of the difference that they can make. The event will show them the impact of their actions as well as how they can encourage businesses to be better.

Engaging young people in the future of biodiversity is important to our journey to sustainability. Children will be encouraged to use toys, play games, discuss posters, and have friendly conversations with social science researchers where they can ask questions and be shown good practices for the future. The general public are also encouraged to attend this event to have conversations with researchers.


On 29th October, children will be able to take part in games hosted by two of our researchers every hour between 11am – 3pm. From 29th October to 9th November, posters will be displayed throughout the Wildlife Conservation Park, giving you the chance to explore our research and the relationship between business and biodiversity.

Primary school classes from Birmingham schools will be invited to join us during the week of the Festival (5th – 9th November) on a visit to the Wildlife Conservation Park where they will be able to discover how they can make a difference for endangered species.

Our Research

The research being done by Professor Delphine Gibassier and Dr Nana Osei Bonsu at the Centre for Responsible Business has a strong focus on biodiversity and sustainability. There is a focus on this topic within the media and within governmental policies, so this event will be based around the Centre’s research into core environmental issues.

Together, we can contribute to better awareness of how conservation can become embedded in our everyday lifestyles and business strategies so that we can save species and our planet.

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This event is part of the Festival of Social Science which runs from 3-10 November 2018. See what other events are taking place in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham. 

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