Frozen Conflict: Interpreting reality through art, film and social sciences

The Electric Cinema | 47–49 Station Street | Birmingham | B5 4DY
Monday 5 November 2018 (18:00-20:00)
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The relationship between art, reality and social science can be complex, but when unravelled can increase our understanding of different real-world experiences.

This event,  will start with a screening of award-winning documentary filmmaker Steffi Wurster’s rough-cut documentary ‘Frozen Conflict’ featuring Professor Stefan Wolff, Professor of International Security.  The film looks at the frozen conflict* between Transnistria and the Republic of Moldova through the observation of a peace post at the River Dniester, staffed by soldiers of the conflict parties and members of the CIS peacekeeping mission.  The peace post is at the same time a symbol of the peaceful coexistence of the two sides, and of the unresolved struggle between them. It is not clear from what threat they are protecting whom. It shows the concrete effects of the conflict on residents living in the security zone and examines the political reasons for the never-ending conflict resolution process, on a local and international level.

After the screening, a discussion with the director will explore the complex relationships between art, reality and social science. This event will appeal to arts and social sciences students, anyone with an interest in current affairs, and documentary filmmakers.

*A frozen conflict is a situation in which active armed combat has ended, yet no peace treaty or other political framework has resolved the conflict to the satisfaction of the combatants. The conflict can restart at any moment, creating an environment of insecurity and instability.

About Steffi Wurster

Steffi Wurster is a set designer and interdisciplinary artist from Ludwigshafen/Rhine. She studied Fine Arts at Mainz University and Stage Design at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Her work has been screened all over the world and she has given numerous lectures and workshops on film directing and set design.

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This event is part of the Festival of Social Science which runs from 3-10 November 2018. See what other events are taking place in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham. 

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