Great Expectations: Can Family Business Transform Society?

The Hippodrome - Hurst Street - B5 4TB
Monday 4th November 2019 (10:00-12:30)
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There are over three million family businesses in the UK. These businesses generate over a quarter of gross domestic product, contribute £133 billion in tax, and employ over 12 million people.

Hosted by Professor Kiran Trehan 

This event will showcase the contribution of family businesses to the UK economy and society through research undertaken by Professor Kiran Trehan. It will highlight how they engage with the communities they belong to, as family businesses play a large role employing people within disadvantaged regions. Business owners will share their stories on how they embed themselves within their local community, as well as why it is important to give back. 

Through an art exhibition, the event will display the history and future of work in a family business, as well as short films and poetic performances, which will highlight the changing nature of work in family businesses across the nation. There will be an opportunity during the event to chat to researchers and family business owners and explore how passion and profit work together to create sustainable businesses.

Speakers at this event include:

  • Sebastian Parsons - Chief Executive, Stockwood Community Benefit Society
  • Dani Saveker - CEO & Founder, The GLAS Group
  • Peter Roper - The Family Business Man