Communicating Self-harm and Suicide in Families

Midlands Arts Centre - Cannon Hill Park - B12 9QH
Saturday 2nd November 2019 (11:00-15:00)
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Suicide accounts for around 800,000 deaths globally per year. Given that self-harm is the strongest predictor for suicide completion, supporting families dealing with these issues is incredibly important.

Hosted by Amy Williams 

Research into suicide in vulnerable populations, such as the LGBTQ+ community, autistic adolescents and South African young women, all present a key theme – the importance of family dynamics. Communication within a family greatly impacts upon whether someone may engage in self-harm or suicide.

This event aims for families to feel more comfortable opening a dialogue regarding their experiences of self-harm and/or suicide. Comprised of a participatory arts-based activity and a panel discussion, the event is designed to facilitate discussion and highlight the impact of self-harm and suicide within a family. The arts-based activity will be led by local artist Alice Munro, providing an opportunity for attendees to communicate in a non-verbal, creative medium about their experiences of self-harm and suicide. Information stalls from charities Papyrus and Nightline will also offer information on how families can engage and support communication between individuals struggling with self-harm and suicidal thoughts or behaviour.