The Care We Want

Crowne Plaza - 61 Holmer Rd - Solihull - B91 3QD
Friday 8th November 2019 (14:00-16:00)
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What do we want from care? We may not think that question is important now, but sooner or later we all need care from someone. As we get older, the responsibility to pay for it will fall upon ourselves or our family.

Hosted by Dr Denise Tanner and Nick Le Mesurier 

People who pay for their own care have been described as 'the most disadvantaged and isolated in the whole care system'. In most cases, older people are unprepared for the cost that they will incur and unfortunately, receiving the best services comes at a price. Dr Denise Tanner brings together a team of experts from the private sector, voluntary sector, and local authority to discuss what care means and what problems older people and their families face when deciding on care. The event will explore the standard of care we should receive, as well as provide insight into the experiences of older people who are a part of the care system and ensure their voices are kept at the forefront of the discussion.

There will be also be guidance on how we can ensure we make the right decisions when deciding on care so we can be prepared for the future. Information about care services will be available for those who attend.