ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

The ESRC Festival of Social Science celebrates how pioneering social, economic and political research impacts everyday life. The Festival welcomes all, whether you’re a leading researcher in your field, you’re studying the subject at school or a member of the public interested in learning more.


Learning from autistic perspectives

The Autism Centre for Education and Research 'Learning from autistic perspectives' online event on 7 November 2017 was a resounding success. You can find further resources from the event here.

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ESRC event looks at Brexit impact for Birmingham and beyond


On the 7 November, six leading academics from the University of Birmingham presented to a full house at the Birmingham REP, the potential implications of Brexit for Birmingham, Britain and beyond, looking at matters such as family, economy, living and migration.

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EU families and 'eurochildren' in Brexiting Britain
Dr Nano Sigona

Economic impacts of Brexit on the UK, its regions, cities and sectors
Prof Raquel Ortega Argiles

Living and working in post-Brexit Birmingham
Dr John Bryson

The impact of Brexit on patients and the NHS
Prof Mark Exworthy

The impact of Brexit on regulating pharmaceutical and clinical trials
Prof Jean McHale

How will Brexit affect British pensioners in Spain
Dr Kelly Hall


“The ESRC Festival of Social Science represents a great opportunity to present our research findings to a general audience. I have been organising a session for the last 4 years and find it both a refreshing and enriching experience. The audience interaction is always fantastic, an engaged citizenry is an essential component in creating a push for sound policy making and I think the festival provides an excellent platform to get people engaged and understand the value of good social science research.” 
Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay 
Director of Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing

“The ESRC Festival of Social Science is a great opportunity to gain experience of public engagement and talk to people about your research. It’s a really enjoyable experience. We get great support from our marketing and communications colleagues to ensure that we can target the right audience and over the last few years attendance at the events has grown dramatically.” 
Professor Jo Duberley
Interim Director of Research, College of Social Sciences

"We organised an online event entitled 'Learning from autistic perspectives' for the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences in 2017. It was a fantastic event attended by over 200 people and our panel of autistic speakers were outstanding. The whole event was a powerful way of engaging with an audience of parents, teachers and others who had a general interest in autism. As we recorded the panel discussion, lots of people were able to view it after the event too, and it has become a popular resource for people all over the world."
Dr Karen Guldberg 
Director Autism Centre for Education and Research


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