Living With and Through Food Poverty

Birmingham Centre for Voluntary Action - 138 Digbeth - B5 6DR
Saturday 2 November 2019 (15:00-16:30)

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Over 1 in 5 people in the UK are now living in poverty. In-work poverty rates are the highest they have been in twenty years. As a result, food insecurity across the UK has never been higher causing emergency food aid usage to rise.

Hosted by Dr Caroline Moraes 

Statistics on community-based food aid in the UK are largely based on individuals who use the 1,200 emergency services provided by the Trussell Trust food banks. This does not represent the whole story, as another 805 community-based food services are operating independently. The invisibility of independent community-based food aid and its role for vulnerable consumers raises important questions, requiring public awareness and attention. 

This event aims to shed light on those accessing emergency food, their experiences of living in food poverty and what support is currently available. There will be a short screening and analysis of a scene from the film I, Daniel Blake, a panel discussion, and an opportunity to interact with panel members via audience polls. Food and toiletry donation boxes will be available during the event.

Panellists are as follows:

  • Lynne Oakley, Elim Life Church Food Bank Volunteer Manager
  • Morven McEachern, Professor of Sustainability & Ethics, University of Huddersfield
  • David Beck, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Salford
  • Marsha Smith, The Super Kitchen / PhD Candidate at Coventry University

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