Careering Through Your Day exhibition

For International Women’s Day, Professor Jo Duberley, Sheena Griffiths (Professional Services) and Pen Mendonca (Graphic Facilitator) came together for an innovative collaboration which has brought about this exhibition.

The aim of the research was to get a better understanding of the experiences that women have within the workplace and, in particular, to ask them to reflect on what stops and starts their careers. As part of the work, seven focus groups were held with a wide range of staff from both academic and professional services, including women at senior and junior levels. 

An additional session, including a presentation from Professor Kalwant Bhopal, was held as part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day. Each of the graphics depicts the discussion that took place in one of the sessions. The findings were presented as part of the University's Arts and Science Festival in March 2018.

Careering Through Your Day
Unconscious bias


Leadership matters
Having children


Stop and start


Tackling inequality
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