Citizens UK and College of Social Sciences: Impactful Civic Engagement

Head of College of Social Sciences and Pro Vice Chancellor Saul Becker joins other stakeholders to talk about the partnership between the University of Birmingham and Citizens UK.

Further information on this partnership available on CoSS Citizens UK homepage.

Published 17 February 2017

Professor Saul Becker: Reflections on 25 years of young carers research

Professor Saul Becker reflects on 25 years of young carers research.

Filmed 11 January 2017

Professor Saul Becker in conversation with Carers Southern Australia

Professor Saul Becker is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham and Professor of Social Policy and Social Work.

Filmed 10 November 2016

Hidden young carers | Saul Becker | TEDxUoN 

In this TEDx talk, Saul takes us on a journey to explore and understand the hidden contributions that children make to family care; the outcomes that caring roles and responsibilities can have on children’s education, psycho-social development, health and well-being; and what can and is being done to help young carers in those countries that have identified them as a group who need recognition, support, services and interventions. He links this research journey to his personal experiences of being a young carer in his own childhood.

Published 04 August 2014

Professor Saul Becker about the situation for young carers across europe today

Filmed by NKA for the 2nd International Conference "Every Child has the Right to..."

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