Your Student Experience Officers

Meet the Student Experience Team in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

Rose Bennett

Student Experience Officer (Postgraduate), Birmingham Business School

Telephone: 0121 414 6655

More about Rose's role...

Hi, I’m Rose and I’m one of your Postgraduate Student Experience Officers for the Business School. I work just with postgraduates to help you make the most of your time at university and help you take an active part in your academic experience. My key responsibilities involve:

  • Student representation
  • Academic societies
  • Student feedback, including the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey
  • Communications
  • Events and activities
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
  • Developing a Business School community of staff and students

Feel free to get in touch - I'm here to help and listen!

David Hathaway

Student Experience Officer (Undergraduate), Birmingham Business School

Telephone: 0121 414 6655

More about David's role...

My role is to help undergraduate students in the Business School make the most of your time at the university. I work with academics and people across the School to enhance and improve your student experience year on year. As part of this, some of my duties include:

  • Listening to the Student Voice through Student Staff Committees, organising focus groups, and championing student surveys and feedback
  • Advising the Business School on how to use student feedback to improve the student experience
  • Organising extra-curricular activities and socials, like student BBQs and day trips
  • Working with Student Societies and Student Representatives to develop and introduce new student initiatives and activities

If you have any ideas for how to improve the Student Experience or have any questions, feel free to send me an email! 

Amandeep Bahia

Student Experience Officer, School of Education


More about Amandeep's role...

Welcome! I’m Amandeep Bahia the Student Experience Officer in the School of Education. I have been in this role for over 2 years and enjoy every minute of it! You are part of a diverse student community that encompasses individuals on campus and distance learning programme, to our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ initial teacher education programmes. I feel very privileged to be amongst the greatest of educators who will inspire the next generation of learners.

My role focuses on the improvement to the academic engagement and general student experience for all students in the School which include:

  • Ensure the student voice is heard! I sit on the Staff Student Committee meetings to make sure feedback is acted upon.
  • Collaborate with the Education Society to undertake community related events for students in the School.
  • Using student feedback data to introduce new initiatives in the School whether it be social or academic.
  • Organising various events which can range from employability to day trips.

I am very interested to learn more from our hard to reach group of students which include students with disabilities, international students and individuals from the BAME and LGBTQ community to learn more about your experience.

Please get in touch!

Kerrie Myers

Student Experience Officer, School of Government

Telephone: 0121 414 6655

More about Kerrie's role...

Hi there! I’m the Student Experience Officer here in the School of Government. My job is to develop and enhance the student experience for all of our students within the school, and to help you make the most of your time at the university. My role involves:

  • Training and supporting Student Representatives and developing Student Voice initiatives, to ensure we’re hearing and responding to student feedback throughout the year
  • Organising activities and events to build a friendly and welcoming student community
  • Developing and leading skills workshops and sessions, to help complement and support your academic experience
  • Building the digital and web profile of the Student Experience team

I work with colleagues across the College and students within the School to continually improve the student experience, and am eager to hear your feedback – good or bad – so please get in touch if you have an ideas or thoughts on how we can do better! 

Naomi Maltby

Student Experience Officer, School of Social Policy

Telephone: 0121 414 6064

More about Naomi's role...

My role is to help ensure that you get the most out of your time at university, through both your academic study and extra-curricular opportunities. 

I work with staff and students across the School of Social Policy on a range of projects and activities designed to improve your student experience including:

  • Welcome and induction programmes
  • The Student Rep System
  • Social and networking events
  • Opportunities to develop your academic and employability skills.

We’re always keen to meet with students to listen and learn from your experiences.  If you have a new idea or some feedback to give please get in touch or come and see us in our office in Muirhead Tower, Room 850 (Monday to Thursday).

Karen Elliston

Student Experience Administrator, School of Social Policy

Telephone: 0121 414 2703

More about Karen's role...

I work with the Student Experience Officer, Naomi Maltby, and other College Student Experience Officers, to support a range of academic and social opportunities, to enable you to maximise your time at the university. Activities include:

  • Welcome and Induction events
  • Social activities, including:  film nights, festive celebrations, and student debates
  • Supporting career and networking events
  • Engaging with The Guild and student societies to identify new academic and social opportunities.