Professor Peter Bullock

Professor Peter Bullock 1937–2008
Awarded (collectively) the Nobel Peace Prize 2007

  • Distinguished British soil scientist
  • Graduated from Birmingham in 1958 with a BA in Geography
  • Demonstrated the role played by soil in the Earth’s ecosystem and the impact of climate change on land degradation

A staunch advocate of the need to treat soil as a sustainable resource, Professor Peter Bullock –

  • Was appointed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): the panel was collectively awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work
  • Spread greater knowledge about man-made climate change through his research work and laid the foundations for counteracting it  
  • Developed the ‘Soil-Net’ educational internet portal for teachers and their students

Professor Bullock joined the Soil Survey of England and Wales (SSEW) as a surveyor after graduating from Birmingham. He then completed a masters degree in agricultural chemistry at the University of Leeds.

He became a world expert in soil micromorphology after taking the post as head of the mineralogy section of the SSEW. After being appointed as Director of the Soil Survey and Land Research Centre in 1986, his involvement in national and international scientific and advisory bodies grew.