Our governance

Aston WebbThere are three main bodies in the University that are crucial in decision making and governance; these are the Council, the Senate and the University Executive Board.

The University is a legally independent, chartered organisation, which is also an exempt charity. It is regulated by the Office for Students (OfS).

The Council is the University’s supreme governing body, responsible for setting its strategic direction and policies governing all aspects of the University's activity, and for the University's finances and assets.

Senate is the highest academic body, and is responsible to the Council. It is responsible for the University's academic policies and for regulating academic work and standards.

The University Executive Board (UEB) is the University's senior management team responsible for steering and implementing University strategy and policy. The Vice-Chancellor chairs the University Executive Board (UEB). The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the University and is responsible to and appointed by the Council. Under the Office for Students (OfS) regulatory framework, the Vice-Chancellor is also the University's Accountable Officer.