All insurance taken out in the University’s name shall be arranged by the Director of Finance, who shall keep a record of all insurances effected by the University and the property and risks covered.

A portfolio exists and cover is in place to protect the University assets, revenue streams and legal liabilities appropriate for educational, research and commercial activities undertaken at Birmingham University.

The University’s insurance requirements are reviewed annually in the light of an assessment of the risks facing the University and the types of protection necessary to cover those risks. Specialist advice is obtained from the insurance providers as and when required.

The Health and Safety Unit has particular policies and guidelines in force and provides advice on specific health and safety issues.

Material facts need to be divulged to the Finance Office for anything which has insurance implications, so we can relay this to the insurance providers. 

For more information contact us -

The Insurance Section
Finance Office
University of Birmingham
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Fax 0121.414.3184

Mrs G L Kelsall,
Insurance Officer
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Ms SM Deeley
Assistant Insurance Officer

Mrs H P Bradford
Assistant Insurance Officer