Employers Liability

This policy provides insurance, as required at law, against claims from employees who sustain an injury in the course of their employment with the University and where the cause of the injury is negligence on the part of the University or its employees.

Those covered include students on work experience/placement with the University, visiting staff, seconded staff etc. All such visiting employees should be notified to the Insurance Office. 

See our Current Employer's Liability Certificate (PDF - 181KB). 

Public Liability

Provides cover against claims from third parties for injury or loss of or damage to property arising in connection with the business of the University and caused by the negligence of the University, its employees or students when engaged in curricular activities.

Principal exclusions include liability arising from the use of motorised vehicles, aircraft, aero spatial devices and water-borne craft.

Products Liability

This is included within the Public Liability Policy.

A product is anything sold, supplied, altered, constructed, erected, treated, installed, processed, transported or stored on behalf of the University (including containers, labeling, instructions or advice in connection therewith) and which is not in the possession of the University at the time of the occurrence other than food and/or drink sold or supplied.  

Professional Indemnity

This provides cover against claims from third parties for breach of professional duty and negligent acts, errors or omissions in giving advice, design specification or report and relates solely to staff of the University, not students.

The cover includes libel, slander, and breach of confidentiality, but excludes claims arising from any matter published wholly or in part by students. The policy includes indemnity for the personal liability of University-appointed Directors and Officers of University-owned companies and the Trustees of The University of Birmingham Pension and Assurance Scheme for their actions. It also includes cover for private work undertaken by individuals, provided that the work is channelled through Alta Innovations Limited.