Induction materials and events

Staff members in a meeting

Guidance for your role

You will receive a document from Registry (Policy) to introduce you to your role and its responsibilities. You can also view this guidance here as a PDF.

Information from your school

Once your appointment has been confirmed, your School should send you the materials you will need for your role. These include programme handbooks, student handbooks, key dates for the year (eg Board of Examiners meetings), specific modular information, and draft assessments (eg examination papers).

You may also be invited by the School to visit the University to help familiarise yourself with the programme(s) you have been asked to examine, or to attend days where students work is on display (eg Poster Days).

University-run induction events

The University holds induction events, which all newly-appointed External Examiners are encouraged to attend where possible. The next induction event will be held on Thursday 12 April 2018.

The presentations given at the last event are available below:

Further help

If you feel you have not received sufficient information from your School, or have not been made aware of key dates well in advance, please contact Registry (Policy) at