Submitting a report and how we respond

Reports held by staffWhat to submit

For each School, you should submit one report for any undergraduate programmes you have looked at and a separate one for any postgraduate programmes, by completing our external examiner report form:

How to submit

You should e-mail your completed form(s) to

We generally only accept electronic versions of reports as they are stored in an e-library.


We ask you to respect the following deadlines when submitting your report:

  • 10 July for undergraduate programmes

  • 9 November for postgraduate programmes

This ensures that the School has time to respond to any issues that arise, and that the University's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee can determine what further action may be needed, before the next academic session.

Responding to your report

The Policy division of the Registry will send you an acknolwedgement email once they receive your report.

If your report raises developmental issues that you have asked the School to consider, you will also receive a response from them. Normally we ask Schools to respond within 6-8 weeks. However, if the issues that were raised need to be discussed at committee-level, this may take longer.

Further help

If you feel at any time that issues raised in your report have not been considered appropriately by the School or University, or for any other problems in connection with your report, please contact the Policy division of the Registry at