The University Executive Board (UEB)

The University Executive Board (UEB) is a committee of the Council established by Ordinance (our internal legislation) that normally meets weekly during term times to steer the implementation of University strategy and policies.


The University Executive Board (UEB) consists of the following members:

Terms of Reference

The University Executive Board (UEB) shall:

(a) consider and take decisions in respect of any aspect of the University's strategy, operation or management (including for the avoidance of doubt, matters of academic implication and allocation of financial, physical and human resources) within the authority delegated by Council and specified in terms of reference approved by the Council from time to time;

(b) make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor, the Council, the Senate or any other body within the University on any matters not within the Board's authority to determine;

(c) monitor the Colleges' individual and collective implementation of University strategies and policies and direct the College Boards as necessary.

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