Higher Education Futures institute Conference 23-24 June 2020

Higher Education Futures Institute Conference 2020

Next Generation University Teaching: New Challenges and New Rewards

At its best, university teaching is a space for intellectual engagement, creativity and innovation. What could be more rewarding than the opportunity to engage with students who are the future generations of leaders, scholars, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs? Yet, university teaching is facing new challenges: expectations from all major stakeholders are changing, new and contested ways of assessing teaching have been introduced, criticisms of the efficacy of teaching for different groups of students are growing, technologies are changing the traditional pedagogical relationship between students and tutors, and employers are challenging universities to better prepare graduates for the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution and lifelong learning.

In the HEFi20 conference we will focus on the challenges and rewards of teaching in a contemporary university context. We are interested in exploring how we can support teaching to evolve to meet the changing needs of stakeholders while retaining intellectual and pedagogical rewards for teachers. At its heart, great teaching is personal and relational; as Maxine Greene put it “Part of teaching is helping people create themselves”. It is timely, therefore, to focus on the needs of teachers and on teacher satisfaction as a pre-curser to optimal student learning and satisfaction.

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