Higher Education Futures institute Conference 20th-21st June 2019

Higher Education Futures institute Conference 2019 Learning and Teaching in the 'Next Generation' University

The 4th Industrial Revolution will result in significant changes to many graduate-level occupations. Artificial intelligence will replace some existing skills and tasks while creating new job opportunities. Knowledge production will become more distributed and knowledge increasingly accessible as digitisation continues apace and the range, scale and quality of online learning grow. Global megatrends in demographics, increased intolerance of inequality and the fast pace of change in the labour market will lead to new demands for learning that is lifelong, personalised, bite-size, integrated and industry-linked, supported by agile micro-credentialling systems. 
In some respects, this future is already here. This year's conference will consider questions about the ‘next generation’ university, and explore ways in which higher education learning and teaching must evolve to ensure graduates are ready for their futures. Implications for the training of academic and professional staff will be identified, and a summary of the conference outcomes will be synthesised and made available to all participants.

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