Call For Proposals

Promoting Sustainability through Future-Facing University Teaching

What is education for sustainable development and how will this shape the teaching practices of the future? How can we ensure that our graduates are future-minded: able to adapt in order to navigate, thrive and lead in a new and challenging environment?

Join us at our Birmingham campus this summer to share experiences and perspectives on these questions as our annual conference returns.

We are pleased to confirm this year’s keynote speaker: 

Professor David Boud, Alfred Deakin Professor and Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning at Deakin University, Australia

Call for proposals: 

The call for proposals is now closed.

The call for proposals for the HEFi22 Conference is open to internal and external colleagues interested in exploring examples of futures-facing, sustainable practice. We welcome submissions that align with the Conference themes, and are particularly interested in submissions that consider the following topics:

  • Practice that explores and integrates sustainability education in teaching practice.
    • Proposals could cover a variety of themes including: sustainable development issues, equity in education, student agency, interdisciplinarity, connections to other sectors, embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into our teaching, health and well-being, and citizenship.
  • Approaches that emphasise futures skills development.
    • This might include proposals on how such skills are developed through approaches to assessment and feedback, enterprise and entrepreneurship, digital literacies or futures pedagogies such as critical reflection and collaborative learning. 

Presentation formats:

  • Paper presentation (10 minutes plus 5mins for questions).
  • Poster

Presentations must:

  • align with 1 or more of the conference day themes
  • draw on relevant experience and wider research
  • be self-contained and crafted for maximum audience learning
  • include a conclusion with ‘implications for practice’
  • be designed to last no longer than 10 minutes

Posters must:

  • draw on relevant experience and wider research
  • be self-contained and self-explanatory
  • be presented on either A1 or A0 size paper