Build Your Teaching Philosophy using Lego Serious Play

Wednesday  1:00-3:00

Danielle Hinton 

Mode: Face-to-face 
Room: LG09 

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Having and reflecting on your teaching philosophy is an important foundational principle for those that teaching and support learning. For yourself it describes your identity, defines the role and organising vision about teaching and supporting learning, guides behaviour and is an opportunity for professional development. It is important for sharing with managers and administrators to support applications for jobs, promotions, teaching recognition (eg Fellowships of the HEA, NTF) and teaching awards as well as annual performance reviews. It is also key to help us provide a clear message to our students about what is important via handbooks, assignments, approaches to teaching and learning, the classroom environment and student-teacher relationships. This session will use Lego Serious Play facilitation technique as a vehicle to assist you in starting or developing further your teaching philosophy.