Enhanced Curriculum Clinic

Thursday  12:00-2:00 

Laura Powell  

Mode: Face-to-face 
Room:  202A - Top Floor - Old Gym

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/362880042977 


In the context of the Education Futures agenda and Birmingham 2030 more broadly, the University community is exploring curriculum enhancement by developing new learning opportunities for students and enriching the student academic experience. 

To support this exploration, there is the opportunity to get involved in ‘Enhanced Curriculum Clinics’ as part of this year’s HEFi Festival. Through discussions with experienced/expert peers, the Clinics will provide you with collaboratively developed, bespoke and practical solutions for your next steps. As small programme or module teams or as individuals, bring your ideas and/or dilemmas to the Clinics! 

This session incorporates the priorities from the Education Pillar of Birmingham 2030: Education for Sustainable Futures. It is focused on practical approaches to curriculum enhancement, formulated in a bespoke, collaborative way. 

This session can provide a valuable starting point for curriculum enhancements, or support for progression of enhancements already in train.