EEF for early career academics

Funding is also available for colleagues enrolled on our PGCHE (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education), as part of the programme’s final assignment. PGCHE participants will be able to apply for funding to implement an enhancement project they will be designing as a ‘capstone’ project for the PGCHE. This initiative is intended to support early-career colleagues to engage actively with educational enhancement, curriculum development and collaboration with the HEFi and EEF teams.

The purpose of this is to create a proposal for enhancing the participant’s educational practice. This will be based on current evidence from the participant’s School/College (such as for example internal or external data such as for example the BSS, NSS, BAME attainment, Canvas/Panopto analytics etc.), combined with School/College strategic priorities, and existing literature on the subject.

Examples may include curriculum (re)design, creating more inclusive learning environments, rethinking assessment methods etc.


This assignment enables PGCHE participants to develop a holistic understanding of curriculum, and finish the PGCHE programme with a forward-looking project which may be implemented locally. High quality project proposals may have an impact on the participant’s School or College and therefore contribute directly to the enhancement of practice beyond the participant’s own teaching.

Assignment details

The assignment consists of 2 elements as follows:

Element 1

To produce a rationale for an enhancement of an aspect of the participant’s educational practice (i.e. teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum design, etc.).

The participant will demonstrate how this rationale has been informed by their professional values, ongoing and targeted evaluation, relevant research, scholarship and professional developments, and is directly relevant to their working context and practice.

Element 2

To develop an appropriate and relevant proposal for enhancing the participant’s own practice in teaching and supporting learning, reflecting the outcomes of Element 1 of this assignment. The proposal will conclude with an action plan of activities and next steps that will allow the participant to implement this project. These may involve key future CPD activities that will develop the expertise needed to implement this project, as well as specific plan of action related to the implementation of the proposed educational enhancement activities.

This assignment addresses the following dimensions of the UKPSF: V3, K1-3, A1, A5

For more information please contact the PGCHE Programme Director Marios Hadjianastasis (