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Professor Kathy Armour

Professor Kathy Armour

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)

“Teaching in a contemporary, research-intensive university is all about engaging students in challenging, transformative and authentic learning experiences. Here at the University of Birmingham we are always keen to learn more about ‘what works’. EEF encourages staff to innovate with impact, collaborate with colleagues to share good practice, and co-create new practices with students. Apply now to get your ideas funded and to make a difference across our University.”

The University of Birmingham has invested in an Educational Enhancement Fund since 2010.  Each year, staff are invited to apply for funding to undertake work that will enhance and innovate learning and teaching.

Currently there are four strands of funding available, enabling colleagues at all stages of their careers to work on projects that will lead to clear outcomes and sustained impact that benefit the University as a whole.


“One unexpected benefit of EEF funding has been the networks it has enabled me to develop around teaching across the University. It has helped me to understand teaching challenges more clearly and has introduced me to a range of strategies to best deal with them” Daniel Espino, EEF Project Lead

“Our collaborative project had huge benefits for both the staff team and the students involved. From our point of view, the input of students provided insights into the daily realities of student life that informed the questions we asked and the approach we took. This enriched our work in a whole range of ways. From the students’ point of view, they got valuable paid work experience and the opportunity to contribute in meaningful and measurable ways to their student community. It was a win-win for us all.” Andrea Macleod, EEF Project Lead

“My time working on our EEF project has been extremely useful in terms of professional development and also personal enrichment. It has allowed me to work on issues within the university and communicate with staff members and students that I would not have otherwise engaged with, allowing me to attain and improve a selection of soft and hard skills.  I am proud to have been involved.” EEF Student Project Team member

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