Implementing an Integrated Pastoral Care Network

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A Pilot Induction Module, sponsored by the EEF and DARO, was released in August 2016 and by the start of term 89% of the 2031 individuals enrolled on it had engaged with its content. Of that percentage, a high number had spent several hours perusing the material and completing the required tasks. The present project was created to evaluate that pilot, conduct focus groups with staff and students, make changes where appropriate to the materials, and develop an Induction for all incoming UG students. It became clear that it made more sense to develop it as a ‘Pre-Welcome’, linked to the UoB Welcome programme.

The three interns (one to conduct focus groups, two to develop the new version) completed their work and the new version was ready to be rolled out to all UGs in August 2017.

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Pastoral care

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Education Enhancement Fund


Dr Julie Gilson, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham (


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