Supporting student transition through shared student experience

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The purpose of this project was to produce a bank of footage of students from across the College of Arts and Law, reflecting on their experience at different points in their student journey. 

The films sought to feature students at undergraduate and postgraduate taught level and to deal with transitional points to do with periods of time (e.g. starting or moving between years), to do with ways of studying, more abstract points, to do with transitions connected with belonging and transitions against the backdrop of student background (e.g. BAME, Joint Honours, home / international, first in family to go to university, etc).

The intended beneficiaries were current students who wanted some informal peer guidance, but the footage has proved to be equally useful for prospective students and for staff planning events on certain topics that are featured (e.g. exam preparation).

We filmed 19 students and then 15 thematic films were created from these films using extracts.  Alongside the individual films, this totalled 34 in all.  These films are on an intranet page (, accessible to University staff only) and are embedded in various Canvas (the University’s virtual learning environment) resources.

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Education Enhancement Fund


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For more information, contact the projects office on, quoting reference CSLP160.