Enhancement of the PG post offer and arrival experience

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The overall project aim was to improve pre-arrival communication and the arrival experience of postgraduate (PG) students (research and taught). Specifically the project aimed to:

  • Improve access to relevant information.
  • Address issues around current information provision and some of the areas we know that we can improve to enhance the offer holder experience. 
  • Improve service levels.
  • Reduce offer holder enquiries/requests to contact team/admissions.

Project aims were achieved by:

  • Reviewing and mapping current pre-arrival communications (format and content), and post-arrival support (e.g. inductions) that is provided to PG students.
  • Developing a revised pre-arrival communications plan that provides coordinated information from across the University in a format that is appropriate to PG students.
  • Delivery of a new and improved digital PG Welcome Pack for offer holders that will rival the information provided by the University’s key competitors in its accessibility, level of detail and presentation of information.
  • Introducing a PG Mentor Scheme to provide a peer-to-peer service to help prospective students who have concerns about what postgraduate study is like or any aspect of joining UoB.
  • Providing Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) who arrive outside of the September Welcome period with an induction to the University through face-to-face provision at Westmere House.

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Education Enhancement Fund


Dr Andrea Patel (a.c.patel@bham.ac.uk), University Graduate School, Student Services, Academic Services, and Stephen Allmark (s.j.allmark@bham.ac.uk), Head of Postgraduate Recruitment


For more information, contact the projects office on hefi.projects@contacts.bham.ac.uk, quoting reference CSLP169.