Media In Canvas

Guidance on creating and uploading videos to Canvas; using Panopto to record, upload and manage lectures, embedding videos external sites such as YouTube; adding images to Canvas and contextual information on Copyright and Accessibility.

Legal Aspects & Copyright

Please read the legal aspects and copyright.

Creating a video

You can find information on creating a video.

Do you need to make a video? 

Practical considerations for creating educational video at home.


Please find information about using Panopto to record, edit, caption and add quizzes to video. 

Embedding videos from Panopto

Please find more information on embedding videos from Panopto into Canvas pages.

Embedding external videos - YouTube

Please find more information on embedding videos from YouTube.

Image attributes & resizing 

Please find more information on image attributes and resizing.

Benefits of use

Please find more information on the benefits of use.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

Please find more information via frequently asked questions.