Civic Leadership to improve Social Well-Being

Thursday, 8th July, 11am to 11:50am

 A civic university aims to provide a learning environment in which students are enabled to become responsible citizens who recognize themselves as members of a larger social fabric and therefore consider social problems to be partly their own.  

In collaboration with academics, students and external stakeholders, the EUniWell project “Civic Leadership to improve Social Well-Being” aims to co-create a digital platform to share resources and templates for embedding innovative & intercultural civic leadership approaches in Enterprise Education. 

 Over the next year, University project partners (Birmingham, Cologne and Linnaeus) are running a series of workshops which bring together staff, students and community actors to share best practice on incorporating civic leadership approaches in innovative curriculum development and course design and how these practices can be shared digitally.  

The project will create an interactive European network for all three target groups to improve social well-being and build more inclusive, fairer societies. 

Presenters: Julian Paenke, Lloyd Jenkins and Helen Hook

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