Elegant Digital Architectures: Considering embodied learning in digital spaces

Wednesday, 7th July, 3pm to 3:50pm

Quality teaching and learning can happen almost anywhere, but some environments are more conducive to certain types of learning than others. This is reflected in how educational architects have embedded changing pedagogic practices into building form and structure: communal areas encourage collaboration, multi-purpose spaces encourage flexibility and open lines of sight encourage creativity and links between disparate subjects (Minero, 2018).   

This paper posits that the embodied nature of learning extends into the digital world too, and that as with physical architecture, aesthetics and strong design principles in digital environments aren’t optional niceties but vital tools for creating effective learning. This concept is unpacked with reference to the philosophical concept of phenomenology, the study of structures of experience, which suggests that all learning is an inherently affective and grounded in the environment in which it occurs (Webster and Wolfe, 2013). 

Presenter:  Helen Greetham 

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