Lunchtime Lightning sessions

Wednesday, 7th July, 12pm to 12:50pm

1. Using Canvas to support Weekly Group Tutorial sessions – Kelly Smith  

This case study involves the development of the Birmingham Business School Canvas pages with activities for students and notes for tutors to support weekly group tutorials put in place by the University as part of the pandemic response plans.  

2. Transformational Presentations: Digital, Authentic and Creative – Sarah Montano and Inci Toral 

The pandemic forced us to move from face-to-face presentations to online presentations. Just a simple swop from in class to Zoom was insufficient to support students’ skill development. Moreover, when teaching business, we not only need to carry out in module assessment, but we also need to prepare our students for their future and therefore, we favour creative assessments over traditional ones (González and Wagenaar, 2003). Covid-19 brought the additional challenges of adding various other skill sets to our assignments to be camera ready, all “in-house” created/administered, innovative and creative. In this session, we will demonstrate how in-class presentations can be transformed into a digital submission, that supports students to move out of the in-class comfort zone, into the digital world.  We will demonstrate an authentic digital assessment from an MSc Marketing module. Attendees to this session will learn how we have created an infrastructure, to support students, to ensure that skill development and how students can showcase their work in a competitive graduate market (Fuller 2021). To achieve this, we demonstrate how to use technology and an innovative assessment, that improves the decision-making capabilities of students and allows them to demonstrate their creativity (Fahey, 2012).  The recent ISE (2021) survey also identified that students need increased experiential learning opportunities to develop their much-needed critical thinking skills (Speed et al. 2018). 

3. Ice breaking rituals - Return on Risk/Reflect on Rituals (RoR) - Carine Chisu and Christine Boyko 

Would you like to create rapport with your students in the new online environment? We'll guide you through low-risk activities that will help you to gain insight in how to transform ice breakers into ice breaking rituals. 

4. Intensive student workshops in an immersive virtual environment – Claudia Favero 

In 2020, we offered our Master's students 3 days intensive workshops, which normally take place in person once a year, through Virbela, an immersive virtual world where users interact through avatars. Virbela affords the integration of other teaching and learning tools, which makes interactive lessons and group work efficient and effective. The feedback from our students has been very good and we plan to continue to use this platform for cohort wide - and potentially also inter-cohort - activities and seminars. 

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