Microaggressions in HE: what are they, why should we care, and what can we do?

Wednesday, 7th July, 2pm to 2:50pm

Microaggressions are usually defined as a type of unintentional putdown which can have larger consequences than their name suggests. In this session there will be a brief introduction about what they are, what types there are, and how they could manifest in HE.  

The session will then give participants the opportunity to discuss in break-out groups in what contexts we may encounter them or have encountered them, what their consequences might be for our work in HE, and what action we could take if we witness them.  

We will round off the session by focussing on and drawing conclusions about these actions.    

Participants who have experienced micro-aggressions will be invited to share in small groups but there will be no need or pressure to do so. If anyone is prepared to share personal examples beforehand, this will be useful for the facilitator to bring -anonymously- into the session. If you’d like to do so or discuss this, please contact Els: e.m.vangeyte@bham.ac.uk 

 Presenter:  Els Van Geyte (HEFi Educational Developer)

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