How to Use PebblePad

The below resources will assist with queries about how to use PebblePad.

(Please note that you will need to log into PebblePad to access the resources.)

PebblePad in a Nutshell 

You can find more information about PebblePad.

Pebble+ Home 

Access the Pebble+ Home.

Navigating PebblePad 

Find out how to navigate PebblePad.

The Important Stuff 

Please access the important stuff.

Templates and Workbooks  

How to access the templates and workbooks.

Get Creative 

Find out more information on getting creative.

Sharing with Others 

More information on sharing in PebblePad.

Portfolio Pages 

Information about portfolio pages.

Templates and Workbooks 

More information on templates and workbooks.


You can find more information on Planning.

Learn the Lingo 

There is more information on learning the language of PebblePad.


More information on uploading to PebblePad.

Privacy and Sharing 

Please find more information on privacy and sharing.