Panopto technology allows for the simultaneous capture of audio, video, and any computer application (including Microsoft PowerPoint), storing these in a secure environment and sharing them with you through Canvas.  Please find below links to these resources and guidance.

Accessible Media Content (including captioning in Panopto).

Learn about creating accessible media content, including captioning in Panopto.

Captioning Panopto videos.

Find out more about captioning Panopto videos.

Downloading the Panopto recorder.

How to access the Panopto recorder.

Embedding video from Panopto into a Canvas page.

Information on embedding Panopto/media into a Canvas page.

Copying and moving Panopto recordings.

Please find more information on copying and moving Panopto recordings.

Quizzes in Panopto. 

You can find out how to use quizzes in Panopto.

Video - recording on laptops or PCs using Panopto . 

Find information on recording video on laptops or PCs using Panopto.

Video - uploading content to Panopto. 

How to upload video content to Panopto.

Video - Recording on phones and tablets using the Panopto App. 

Find out how to use the Panopto App to record  or upload a video file directly from your mobile device.

Video editing in Panopto (basic). 

Please find information on basic Panopto video editing.