Pre-recorded Video Assessment Guidance (for example, recorded musical performance)

Pre-recorded audio or video presentations are an effective way for you to assess your students online. Students can choose from a variety of formats depending on the technology with which they are most familiar, e.g. recording on their phone or tablet, recording a presentation in PowerPoint, or by using Zoom


You can also download Pre-recorded Video Assessment Guidance (PDF - 399KB).

Additional Information​

Microsoft Powerpoint. 

Extensive support materials are available on LinkedIn Learning that students can access via The Digital Services for Students link will direct them to LinkedIn Learning. ​

Record Slideshow View

The Library also provide online training in Powerpoint​​

Recording with a phone or tablet.

Again, extensive guidance is available through LinkedIn Learning that students can access via and The Digital Services for Students link.​

Creating Online Video with the iPhone or iPad

Creating Online Video with Android Phones​​

Recording using Zoom

Extensive support is available to students through LinkedIn Learning that is accessible via and The Digital Services for Students link.​

Learning Zoom Record and review meetings ​​​

Other alternatives

Other platforms for creating presentations are covered in the Library’s resources at Many of these solutions rely on the user recording what’s happening on their screen. Guidance is available through LinkedIn Learning accessible from The Digital Services for Students link via

For Macs

For PCs​​

Video editing.

The Library also provide general guidance on video editing