Turning Point

Interactive polling tools allow instructors to easily ask questions, track participant progress and receive instant feedback from both face-to-face and online cohorts.  

The University has an Institutional license for Turning Point which now has a fully web enabled version for simple polling on any device. Please contact support@turning.com if you require a license.  

Accessing TurningPoint Web 

To get started with the fully online version enter your TurningPoint Instructor login at https://instructor.turningtechnologies.eu  

TurningPoint Web Guidance 

Full guidance for using TurningPoint Web is available in the polling with TurningPoint Web resource. 

Student Guide to TurningPoint Web 

This student guide to TurningPoint Web can be shared with classes before a session. 

TurningPoint Classic (desktop version) 

A fuller-featured version of TurningPoint is available via the desktop version. TurningPoint Classic allows you to embed polls into PowerPoints and more. This guidance for TurningPoint Classic will help you get started.