Assessment Design in Bimodal Curriculum - MicroCPD Video Transcript

The Framework for Educational Resilience asks us to make significant changes to the way we assess our students. Replacing traditional exams with alternatives that work both online and on campus is undoubtedly a complex task, but it is also an opportunity to develop more inclusive and authentic practices that better support student learning and that will improve university assessment for the future.  

HEFi’s Remote Teaching Resource provides guidance about when specific assessment methods might be appropriate, their benefits and challenges, and what the key considerations are for going digital.  You will find case studies, and templates, and it is full of practical ideas for how to integrate feedback to students into your teaching. 

To help you decide how best to assess your students you  can draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience within our teaching community. On 21st October HEFi will be hosting Testing Times: New Approaches to Assessment and Feedback.  This afternoon-long symposium will bring together expertise from around the University and provide a forum for discussion that can inform the development of more resilient, inclusive assessments as well as practices that promote academic integrity. 

Follow the links in this MicroCPD to find the programme for the symposium and to register, and to access the Remote Teaching Resource.