Lessons Learnt from Semester One - MicroCPD Transcription

It’s been a unique semester, with many of our community delivering significant amounts of online learning for the first time.
HEFi have been collating feedback across the Institution and the great news is that our efforts are being recognised by the people who matter - our students. 
Students consistently praised staffs’ efforts, they like the UCF Canvas structure, and in some specific circumstances they even preferred the online delivery to face-to-face.
So, things are going well, but here are five top tips to tweak your delivery next semester:

1. Use the weekly outline pages to explain exactly when tasks should be completed, and how long they should take.
2. If assigning videos as required watching, set the time requirement as roughly double the length of the clip. This allows students time to pause, take notes, rewind etc.
3. Keep communicating. Students like to know that something is going on, even if definitive answers aren’t yet known. 
4. Many students like to plan in advance. Ideally, release the weekly outlines a couple of weeks in advance so they know what is coming.
5. If you have problems with the layout of the UCF, especially when inserting the homepage video, please use the Canvas ‘page history’ to roll back or else contact your HEFi Digital team.
Finally, be kind to yourselves.  Students appreciate all you are doing in this exceptional time.