Teaching online and face-to-face simultaneously: MicroCPD Transcription

This CPD shares the findings of a recently published paper about teaching students who are online and face-to-face simultaneously, when interaction with the whole class is important based on experience of teaching on the MBA programme.

This has been necessary during the pandemic, but looking forward the ability to teach online and face-to-face simultaneously will add versatility to our teaching and also contribute to our inclusivity agenda.

The key challenge is to create an equitable experience for both sets of students.

The paper has details of the technology required and suggestions for the physical layout of the classroom. In this CPD I will share a few quick fire tips about practices that seem to work well in a hybrid teaching environment.

  • A good microphone that can pick up students at the back of the classroom is essential
  • Project the online students onto the main screen and your camera at the students in the lecture theatre
  • Face the camera when teaching so that the online students know you are talking to them
  • The slight online delay is enough to discourage online students from speaking up because “the moment” passes; so make sure you invite them to speak regularly
  • Open Zoom as soon as you enter the classroom so that you can chat to online students before class in the same way you do for those in class
  • Use mixed in-person and online teams for group work, hybrid collaborating and presenting works really well
  • Setting up debates between online and classroom-based students is fun and effective

Thank you