Assessment Support Week Staff Hub

Assessment Support Weeks are intended to offer dedicated time and support within the academic year for students to prepare for their exams and other assessments.  Activities will vary by module and student, but it is expected that they will include both module specific support embedded in the Schools, and generic support (such as workshops on wellbeing, time management and writing skill) that will be delivered by the Guild, Academic Skills Centre, and Student Support. 

As Module Lead you will need to set student expectations for Assessment Support Week – talk to your students about how they can make best use of weeks to ensure they are as confident and capable as they can be to undertake their upcoming assessments.

If possible familiarise yourself with the online activities and resources that will be provided by the Guild of Students, Academic Skills Centre, and Student Support, so you can signpost your students to those that are of relevance to assessment on your module.

Be mindful that students experience assessment at the level of their modules, so consider what specific support you can offer to your cohorts to complement the generic resources.

HEFi support and guidance

Building Online Assessments / Exams

HEFi will also be running some training sessions:

This session will cover how to build online assessments using Canvas assignments, and using canvas quizzes for exams (both classic and new). This session will also include strategies to promote academic integrity, incorporating reasonable adjustment plans, using Turnitin for plagiarism detection and the migration of questions from classic to new quizzes.

Creating Rubrics / Grading Schemes for Online Assessments and Exams

This workshop will cover how to create a rubric and marking scheme with canvas assignments and canvas quizzes, to aid in a shared understanding amongst markers on how to apply the performance criteria in the grade descriptors to students work. The use of rubrics can ensure that marking decisions align with the learning objectives and help to make the marking decision transparent and reliable for students.