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Posted 31 October 2019

Canvas and Web Accessibilty

Canvas and web accessibility guide in line with new legislation 'Web Accessibility Regulations' which came into effect on 23rd September 2019.

Posted 22 October 2019

NATY Project Showcase

The EEF team hosted a showcase event on September 18th to celebrate projects recently funded and completed under the 'New Academic Teaching Year' (NATY) theme.

Posted 21 October 2019

MicroCPD: Digital Innovation Boot Camp

Prof Ian Jefferson talks about the Digital Innovation Boot Camp - a week-long education enhancement activity to train students in the cutting-edge digital technologies used within research activities and in industry.

Posted 14 October 2019

MicroCPD: NATY Enrichment Week

The Shakespeare Institute's Abigail Rokison-Woodall shares lessons learnt from a pilot project for enrichment weeks in the New Academic Teaching Year (NATY).

Posted 30 September 2019

The Open Classroom

The Open Classroom peer observation initiative aims to provide a safe, developmental space to learn with colleagues from across the institution.

Posted 07 August 2019

HEFi Festival 2019

Delivered during 1st-5th July, the HEFi Festival 2019 was our exciting, week-long programme of continuing professional development events.

Posted 01 July 2019

HEFi19 Next Generation University

We hope you will enjoy this short video from the HEFi19 Conference held a couple of weeks ago on the theme of 'The Next Generation University'.

Posted 26 June 2019

HEFi-OPEN Launch

Do you want to communicate with others on campus about teaching and learning? Subscribe to HEFi-OPEN, a JiscMail mailing list service.

Posted 24 June 2019

MicroCPD: BDx - A Community Around Digital

Prof David Parker and Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier discuss Birmingham Digital Exchange (BDx): an online conversation about digital technologies in our work, our disciplines and our learning and teaching, across UoB.