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06 February 2019

HEFi Showcase Series

HEFi is delighted to share with you our new programme of continuing professional development (CPD), the HEFi Showcase Series.

04 February 2019

MicroCPD: Innovating Pedagogy 2019

This week Fred O'Loughlin from HEFi talks about the latest in a series of reports by the Open University, examining innovations that are having a big impact on education.

10 December 2018

MicroCPD: Reflection and Look Ahead

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education Professor Kathleen Armour reflects on HEFi's achievements for 2018, and announces some of what's to come next year.

03 December 2018

Resource Lists: A Pedagogic Tool?

Join us at this interactive and discursive workshop to explore these questions and share ideas around best practice in the use of reading and resource lists.

20 November 2018

How to be amazing and show people you're amazing

If you are considering applying for promotion, HEA fellowship, National Teaching Fellowship, or anything else that needs evidence of your teaching expertise, come along to this workshop to think about how you can plan your career, collect appropriate evidence, and create a convincing case.

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