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19 November 2018

MicroCPD: Panopto - Beyond Lecture Capture

Sridhar Pammu considers the varied ways that staff across the institution are using Panopto, giving plenty of ideas for uses beyond lecture capture.

16 November 2018

HEFi has moved

HEFi are excited to announce that we have moved location and are now situated in the Old Gym (Y1 on the Edgbaston campus map).

29 October 2018

MicroCPD: Audio Feedback

Dr Chris Tselepis, Programme Director for the BSc Biomedical Science programme, discusses Audio Feedback.

22 October 2018

MicroCPD: International Students Online Learning Resource

This week Dr Surindar Dhesi introduces a Canvas Resource for all staff who have regular contact with international students, and reveals the 10 small things that make a big difference to international students' experiences.

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